Miss Dior: Feminine elegance

Miss Dior, created in 1947, exudes the same feminine elegance as the designer’s figure-hugging robes, which highlighted the female features with their calyx.


The perfume Miss Dior belongs to the fragrance family of green chypre fragrances. To categorize perfumes, they are divided into different fragrance families. Women’s perfumes may belong to the families “Flowery”, “Oriental” or “Chypre”, the latter being derived from the French term for Cyprus, as the ingredients come from the Mediterranean. Chypre scents smell of oakmoss, lemony notes and patchouli. The subdivision can be divided even finer in flowery, fresh, fruity or green. Green does not mean the color, but an odor impression reminiscent of the scents of nature such as grass, forest, earth and leaves.

A perfume always consists of a top note, a heart note and a base note. The top note refers to the fragrances that evaporate first and make room for the heart note. This lasts for several hours before giving way to the base note, which marks the fragrance that has stuck to the skin at the end of the day. Miss Dior is a sensual, feminine perfume that smells fruity and fresh in the top notes of mandarin, in the heart notes of roses and jasmine and in the base note of patchouli. The fragrance of Miss Dior flatters especially seductive and elegant women.

The bottle of Miss Dior has now reached cult status as well as the fragrance itself. It is relatively simple and geometrically designed. Made of glass, transparent and rectangular, it could look almost unspectacular if it were not contrived by a silver ribbon around the bottleneck and the ornate lettering on the label. Christian Dior imagined the flask of his classic lady’s perfume that he should be cut like a costume.

Christian Dior is said to have said about Miss Dior and his other scents: “The perfume is the indispensable complement to the feminine personality, it’s the final touch of a dress.” It’s only logical that he joined Miss Dior in 1947 at the same time He also designed the clothing designs for his first fashion show. The fact that a perfume was created at the same time as a new fashion label was unique and revolutionary at the time. Decades later, the innovative scent has become a classic, but has lost none of its seductive fascination.

You should pay attention when buying shoes

Shoes, shoes and more shoes – Which woman does not love her? Buying shoes is also a wonderful feeling of happiness. That’s why we like it so much. However, there are some things that you should consider when buying shoes to enjoy the new favorites for a long time. We’ll tell you what those are.


You can always buy shoes – not necessarily. When buying shoes you should definitely pay attention to the time of day. Ideally, you do not buy the shoes in the morning, but in the evening. Our feet swell during the day due to the strain. So it can happen that shoes that fit you perfectly in the morning, in the evening press.

You probably do that anyway, but we would like to remind you again: Always try on shoes before buying them both! Because on the one hand your feet are not necessarily the same size and on the other hand, if you walk a few meters with the new shoes you should get a feeling for them. A wrong fit or size in shoes can quickly lead to health problems such as splayfoot . Only if the shoes sit well and feel comfortable even while running, they are good shoes.

While we’re already on the subject of fitting, your toes should have a thumb-width at the front of the shoe. That’s about two centimeters. Otherwise, the toes can not roll properly when walking and it quickly creates painful pressure points. At the heel, the shoes should be stuck, so that a back and forth while driving is avoided.

The price of a garment does not always necessarily say something about its quality, but this is usually the case with shoes. Because high-quality materials such as leather or suede also cost a little more money. These keep the feet protected for a long time even under heavy use and also have an excellent service life with good care. Also the wearing comfort with genuine leather shoes is higher than with more favorable materials. Your feet have to withstand a high load all day long. Therefore, you should pay attention to the good quality of your footwear, even if you have to dig a little deeper into the bag.

That’s why bridesmaids wear the same clothes

Your best friend is getting married soon and you are a maid of honor? Of course you want to do the best job and wear proper bridemaid dress to attend wedding, but do not know exactly how to tackle it? Then we have the best tips for you!

What should not be missing in a perfect wedding? Exactly – the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. For the most beautiful day of our lives would only be half as nice if you did not share it with your closest friends. But wait a minute: The bridesmaids look so much the same, because they all wear the same or very similar dresses. But why is that?


In the Middle Ages one believed in demons, witches and evil spirits. At that time, the bride and bridesmaids wore the same dress. This should serve to protect the bride from the mischief. Because these were confused, of course, if several ladies wore a similar dress and then could not distinguish the bride from her bridesmaids. So the bridesmaids drew the attention of the demons & Co. on and away from the bridal couple.

Only about 60 years ago, the bridesmaids then began to dress differently than the bride. But the tradition of identical clothes among each other persisted. Thus it is symbolized that the maidens would do anything for the bride to protect her. Therefore, even the bride’s closest friends become her bridesmaids.

But beware: Do not confuse the bridesmaids with the maid of honor. If the bridesmaids are more of a symbolic character, the maid of honor has to fulfill a very important task. The maid of honor as well as the best man must be physically present at the wedding and – as the name already suggests – testify to the wedding certificate. The maid of honor is so to speak the highest bridesmaid and should be the closest confidante of the bride.

Although the tradition of the bridesmaids comes from the USA, but in this country is also becoming more common and quite honest: Everyone can celebrate his wedding as he wishes. Whether with or without bridesmaids wearing the same dress.

There are online stores that sell the market and women bridesmaid dresses at discounted rates. One of these online store is Chicregina.co.uk. They are the dealers of bridal and wedding guest gowns from designers, and they ship to you in a few days time. So, make the perfect dress for a perfect wedding!

Victoria’s Secret checks allegations

The US lingerie manufacturer Victoria’s Secret has to contend with serious allegations. Allegedly, parts of the underwear collection have been made with the help of child labor. Now the label announced to consider the allegations.


Who thinks of Victoria’s Secret, inevitably thinks of crunchy body models in hot panties, diamond-studded bras and oversized wings. This is what the annual fashion show of the US label looks like every autumn as a glamorous, sparkling and simply bombastic spectacle. Thus, the potential buyer – or rather the potential buyer – is fancied the vision of a perfect world in which all people are beautiful, rich, elegant and sexy. Unfortunately, the reality behind all the glamor of Victoria’s Secret seems quite different.

According to a report by the economic intelligence service “Bloomberg”, it is precisely the cotton that has been described as fairly traded that was cultivated for some of Victoria’s Secret panties in Burkina Faso with the help of child labor. Now the company responded to the allegations and announced that they should be examined as soon as possible in order to put a stop to the illegal employment of minors in the event of a fall.

If it turns out that there really is something wrong with the child labor allegations, Victoria’s Secret could suffer a significant image damage. After all, who wants to see delicate lingerie on perfectly shaped body models – let alone buy the hot panties – if he knows that in Africa children were exploited for it.

Beautiful hair while skiing

The culmination of skiing? Certainly not the hairstyle. For caps and ski helmets call frizz out and après-ski is usually done with flat hair. Here are tips for hair care and hairstyle styling on and off the snow track, as well as the most beautiful winter hairstyles of the stars


Kérastase expert Stefan M. Pauli: Cold temperatures and sporting activities such as skiing can quickly strain your hair. The cold makes hair and scalp more sensitive and prone to dryness. That is why particularly intensive care is necessary in this season, with the right care series must of course be tailored to the individual hair needs. Moisturizing products and possibly a hair oil for dry tips should not be missing in the ski holiday. A well-known problem is also Frizz, which is why Frizz-preventive care series also belong in the luggage. There are also care lines that focus on protection against external influences, such as Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime series for suppleness and ultimate protection.


The ski helmet or winter cap causes friction that causes the hair to become charged. Smooth hair and frizz control begin with the hair. Suitable are products that provide plenty of moisture and anti-frizz control. And: In no case do without the conditioner!


Braids are practical and chic at the same time! A simple plaited plait or a herringbone braid will stay in shape and do not disturb the view while skiing. You can also creatively braid the hairline, the main thing the ski helmet does not break the hair. To make things easier, a loose knot in the neck can help. You should be careful with hairpins, which are rather unfavorable with a helmet.

If the hair has been stressed by cold, sports and headgear all day long, it needs evening relaxation and care. An extensive spa treatment is just the thing. For example, you can treat the scalp and hair with a rich mask and a head massage. Then you are not only perfectly relaxed, but can also look forward to vital, strengthened winter hair.