Beautiful hair while skiing

The culmination of skiing? Certainly not the hairstyle. For caps and ski helmets call frizz out and après-ski is usually done with flat hair. Here are tips for hair care and hairstyle styling on and off the snow track, as well as the most beautiful winter hairstyles of the stars


Kérastase expert Stefan M. Pauli: Cold temperatures and sporting activities such as skiing can quickly strain your hair. The cold makes hair and scalp more sensitive and prone to dryness. That is why particularly intensive care is necessary in this season, with the right care series must of course be tailored to the individual hair needs. Moisturizing products and possibly a hair oil for dry tips should not be missing in the ski holiday. A well-known problem is also Frizz, which is why Frizz-preventive care series also belong in the luggage. There are also care lines that focus on protection against external influences, such as Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime series for suppleness and ultimate protection.


The ski helmet or winter cap causes friction that causes the hair to become charged. Smooth hair and frizz control begin with the hair. Suitable are products that provide plenty of moisture and anti-frizz control. And: In no case do without the conditioner!


Braids are practical and chic at the same time! A simple plaited plait or a herringbone braid will stay in shape and do not disturb the view while skiing. You can also creatively braid the hairline, the main thing the ski helmet does not break the hair. To make things easier, a loose knot in the neck can help. You should be careful with hairpins, which are rather unfavorable with a helmet.

If the hair has been stressed by cold, sports and headgear all day long, it needs evening relaxation and care. An extensive spa treatment is just the thing. For example, you can treat the scalp and hair with a rich mask and a head massage. Then you are not only perfectly relaxed, but can also look forward to vital, strengthened winter hair.

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