Miss Dior: Feminine elegance

Miss Dior, created in 1947, exudes the same feminine elegance as the designer’s figure-hugging robes, which highlighted the female features with their calyx.


The perfume Miss Dior belongs to the fragrance family of green chypre fragrances. To categorize perfumes, they are divided into different fragrance families. Women’s perfumes may belong to the families “Flowery”, “Oriental” or “Chypre”, the latter being derived from the French term for Cyprus, as the ingredients come from the Mediterranean. Chypre scents smell of oakmoss, lemony notes and patchouli. The subdivision can be divided even finer in flowery, fresh, fruity or green. Green does not mean the color, but an odor impression reminiscent of the scents of nature such as grass, forest, earth and leaves.

A perfume always consists of a top note, a heart note and a base note. The top note refers to the fragrances that evaporate first and make room for the heart note. This lasts for several hours before giving way to the base note, which marks the fragrance that has stuck to the skin at the end of the day. Miss Dior is a sensual, feminine perfume that smells fruity and fresh in the top notes of mandarin, in the heart notes of roses and jasmine and in the base note of patchouli. The fragrance of Miss Dior flatters especially seductive and elegant women.

The bottle of Miss Dior has now reached cult status as well as the fragrance itself. It is relatively simple and geometrically designed. Made of glass, transparent and rectangular, it could look almost unspectacular if it were not contrived by a silver ribbon around the bottleneck and the ornate lettering on the label. Christian Dior imagined the flask of his classic lady’s perfume that he should be cut like a costume.

Christian Dior is said to have said about Miss Dior and his other scents: “The perfume is the indispensable complement to the feminine personality, it’s the final touch of a dress.” It’s only logical that he joined Miss Dior in 1947 at the same time He also designed the clothing designs for his first fashion show. The fact that a perfume was created at the same time as a new fashion label was unique and revolutionary at the time. Decades later, the innovative scent has become a classic, but has lost none of its seductive fascination.

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