That’s why bridesmaids wear the same clothes

Your best friend is getting married soon and you are a maid of honor? Of course you want to do the best job and wear proper bridemaid dress to attend wedding, but do not know exactly how to tackle it? Then we have the best tips for you!

What should not be missing in a perfect wedding? Exactly – the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. For the most beautiful day of our lives would only be half as nice if you did not share it with your closest friends. But wait a minute: The bridesmaids look so much the same, because they all wear the same or very similar dresses. But why is that?


In the Middle Ages one believed in demons, witches and evil spirits. At that time, the bride and bridesmaids wore the same dress. This should serve to protect the bride from the mischief. Because these were confused, of course, if several ladies wore a similar dress and then could not distinguish the bride from her bridesmaids. So the bridesmaids drew the attention of the demons & Co. on and away from the bridal couple.

Only about 60 years ago, the bridesmaids then began to dress differently than the bride. But the tradition of identical clothes among each other persisted. Thus it is symbolized that the maidens would do anything for the bride to protect her. Therefore, even the bride’s closest friends become her bridesmaids.

But beware: Do not confuse the bridesmaids with the maid of honor. If the bridesmaids are more of a symbolic character, the maid of honor has to fulfill a very important task. The maid of honor as well as the best man must be physically present at the wedding and – as the name already suggests – testify to the wedding certificate. The maid of honor is so to speak the highest bridesmaid and should be the closest confidante of the bride.

Although the tradition of the bridesmaids comes from the USA, but in this country is also becoming more common and quite honest: Everyone can celebrate his wedding as he wishes. Whether with or without bridesmaids wearing the same dress.

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