Victoria’s Secret checks allegations

The US lingerie manufacturer Victoria’s Secret has to contend with serious allegations. Allegedly, parts of the underwear collection have been made with the help of child labor. Now the label announced to consider the allegations.


Who thinks of Victoria’s Secret, inevitably thinks of crunchy body models in hot panties, diamond-studded bras and oversized wings. This is what the annual fashion show of the US label looks like every autumn as a glamorous, sparkling and simply bombastic spectacle. Thus, the potential buyer – or rather the potential buyer – is fancied the vision of a perfect world in which all people are beautiful, rich, elegant and sexy. Unfortunately, the reality behind all the glamor of Victoria’s Secret seems quite different.

According to a report by the economic intelligence service “Bloomberg”, it is precisely the cotton that has been described as fairly traded that was cultivated for some of Victoria’s Secret panties in Burkina Faso with the help of child labor. Now the company responded to the allegations and announced that they should be examined as soon as possible in order to put a stop to the illegal employment of minors in the event of a fall.

If it turns out that there really is something wrong with the child labor allegations, Victoria’s Secret could suffer a significant image damage. After all, who wants to see delicate lingerie on perfectly shaped body models – let alone buy the hot panties – if he knows that in Africa children were exploited for it.

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