You should pay attention when buying shoes

Shoes, shoes and more shoes – Which woman does not love her? Buying shoes is also a wonderful feeling of happiness. That’s why we like it so much. However, there are some things that you should consider when buying shoes to enjoy the new favorites for a long time. We’ll tell you what those are.


You can always buy shoes – not necessarily. When buying shoes you should definitely pay attention to the time of day. Ideally, you do not buy the shoes in the morning, but in the evening. Our feet swell during the day due to the strain. So it can happen that shoes that fit you perfectly in the morning, in the evening press.

You probably do that anyway, but we would like to remind you again: Always try on shoes before buying them both! Because on the one hand your feet are not necessarily the same size and on the other hand, if you walk a few meters with the new shoes you should get a feeling for them. A wrong fit or size in shoes can quickly lead to health problems such as splayfoot . Only if the shoes sit well and feel comfortable even while running, they are good shoes.

While we’re already on the subject of fitting, your toes should have a thumb-width at the front of the shoe. That’s about two centimeters. Otherwise, the toes can not roll properly when walking and it quickly creates painful pressure points. At the heel, the shoes should be stuck, so that a back and forth while driving is avoided.

The price of a garment does not always necessarily say something about its quality, but this is usually the case with shoes. Because high-quality materials such as leather or suede also cost a little more money. These keep the feet protected for a long time even under heavy use and also have an excellent service life with good care. Also the wearing comfort with genuine leather shoes is higher than with more favorable materials. Your feet have to withstand a high load all day long. Therefore, you should pay attention to the good quality of your footwear, even if you have to dig a little deeper into the bag.

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